Marketing within Video Games

Last week, we discussed the movement of advertising and promotion of video games. Today, we are going to talk about the other side of marketing in the video game industry: in-game advertising. Similar to product placement on television or sponsored shows and events, advertising of products or services has become a major cog in the video game industry, but it didn’t happen overnight. Games like Kool-Aid Man and Tooth Protectors promoted brand names with in-game logos and a mascot on the Atari 2600 gaming console (released in 1977). Over the years, some games (e.g. the Battlefield series) have incorporated in-game billboards that promote real-world products. A large determinant for which games utilize in-game advertisements is the genre.

The specific game genre of a title can open up possibilities for advertising or eliminate it entirely. The most common place for in-game advertising is sport games. It is impossible to find a major sports title without any in-game promotion. From cut screens to jerseys to venue design, logos and branding for products are all over the place in the genre. The biggest sports title, Madden NFL, has switched to load screens incorporating square ads for products and services like Sheetz MTO. Player stats between quarters and at half-time are brought to you by Verizon or Sprint.

Compare that to the fictional type of game genres. You can’t place an ad for Pepsi or Coke in the middle of a medieval England or put a pair of Beats by Dre headphones on a knight in a fantasy land. Some game developers have begun to utilize sponsored downloadable content (DLC) to gain in-game advertising revenue for unrealistic settings. A major and recent example of this is present in Mario Kart 8. Nintendo released the Mercedes DLC at the end of summer. The DLC allowed gamers to drive Mercedes-inspired vehicles (pictured above). It is clear that marketing within video games has become a constant that will only continue to grow and continue to benefit the involved parties greatly.


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  1. liangbo80

    Are you taking the advertising course this semester? I’m so surprised that video gaming marketing is being covered by this course.



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